Be Involved

Parent/Caregiver Involvement

As a parent or caregiver, you are welcome to attend a variety of events which occur throughout the year.

  • Parent information morning/afternoon teas are held at least once a term
  • An Open Day is held once a year so that you can enjoy activities with your child and discover what your child has been doing at school
  • Our Be You team and school board includes parent representatives 
  • Volunteers for projects in our playground and garden are always appreciated

Case Conferences
As a parent with a child at KESC your input into your child’s learning and social needs are recognised. Case conferences are held twice a year with your child’s teacher, and any other person you would like to have present at the meeting (including Speech Pathologists, School Psychologist, etc.) to discuss and determine the direction your child’s learning program is taking and this information informs the basis of his or her Individual Education Plan.

KESC Assemblies
Each odd fortnight on a Friday KESC has an assembly in Block 7 at 8.40am. Parents are more than welcome to attend. After dropping your child at their classroom, come and have a coffee and then join us as we highlight a school PBS expectation and enjoy a performance or display from one of our classes.

KESC and KPS Events
Combined Koorana ESC and Koorana Primary School assemblies are held every second Friday morning.  Faction sports are also a family occasion where students and parents are able to lunch together and enjoy the atmosphere of the day.