Teaching and Learning

All students are on Individual Education Plans which are written after input from parents/carers and sometimes other professionals. Staff to student ratios are high so that students can be catered for on an individual basis.

For Kindergarten the areas covered are communication, social skills and behaviour. Teaching is done individually or in small groups and includes Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and discrete trials.

The Australian Curriculum for Pre-primary and Primary students has eight learning areas. These are English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Science, The Arts, Languages, Health and Physical Education and Technologies. Students at Koorana ESC get a balanced learning program which focuses on the functional learning that they need to be ready for high school. Literacy, Numeracy and Social and Emotional Learning is the main focus for IEPs, with teaching being undertaken individually, in small groups, or whole class and includes the use of TEACCH activities.