School Hours and Attendance

Students should not arrive at school before 8:20 am.
Unless accompanied by a parent, early arrivals should go to the undercover area where they will be supervised until this time.

8:30 am School commences
10:40 am Break 1
11:00 am End of Break
1:00 pm Break 2
1:30 pm End of Break
2:30 pm School finishes    

The school needs to be notified of all absences. The phone number for messages advising of absences is 0439581668 or through the School Star app. Absences other than for medical reasons need to be discussed with the school principal in advance. We encourage students to attend school every day, unless they are sick. The school is not equipped for sick students, the best place for a child who is unwell is at home, where they can rest and recover, without spreading infections and viruses to their classmates and staff. 

Student Attendance Risk – what does it mean?
If a student attends 90% of the time, we regard them as attending regularly.  However, a student attending 90% of the time will miss:
1 day a fortnight
1 week a term
4 weeks a year
1 year by the end of Year 9