COVID-19 **

Closed Facebook pages for each class.

In order for us to be able to check in with you and engage your child in learning experiences remotely we are using Facebook. We have created closed private Facebook groups just for the parents and caregivers of each of our 4 classes.

These private Facebook groups are for the specific class only; membership will be restricted to parents/caregivers of students from that class. Each class teacher will be posting content to these pages as we adapt to this new style of remote learning for Term 2. We would love for you to add posts which show what your child/ren have been doing during this time of social isolation. We request that you be mindful of background content/conversations when you are uploading video posts, and are aware that this will be shared and able to be viewed by all in the child’s class. We are also looking forward to you sharing with us your ideas for engaging your child in learning at home, which may provide inspiration for other parents.

We know that this unprecedented situation is placing extraordinary strain on families and we hope that through maintaining connection with familiar staff that some level of normalcy will be achieved.

If you wish to communicate privately with your classroom teacher, then please use their department email address.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious and/or need someone to talk to, please remember that Miss Belinda our school chaplain is available at

I am confident that our strength as a community will bring us through this crisis.

To join this group please search Facebook for Koorana ESC Remote Learning followed by the name of your child’s class group, and make a request to join. You will need to answer 3 questions that verify who you are, as the privacy of this group is very important. We look forward to staying connected with our school community.

Melissa Sarich