Educational Philosophy

Our educational philosophy at Koorana Education Support Centre is driven by the belief that; Koorana Kids Can!”

Our educational practice aligns with the values of the Early Years Learning Framework – Belonging, Being, Becoming, and the Western Australian Curriculum. We value each child and strive to support the development of their skills, interests, strengths, abilities and knowledge to increase their independence and self-confidence, thus promoting a ‘can do’ attitude.

  • Each experience is an opportunity for learning including positive behaviour support, fostering independence skills, and to cooperate and share.
  • Our students are valued as individuals who bring with them their own heritage, interests and early life experiences. 
  • Our students are capable and resourceful learners.

The learning environment is safe, positive, fun and child-centred.  Learning through play is structured and scaffolded to develop social, emotional, communication, physical and cognitive skills.

  • Koorana is a supportive, safe and inclusive environment.
  • Students are encouraged to learn with multiple intelligences, and promote creativity and self-expression through our programs such as STEAM, PAThS, Gardening and Protective Behaviours.
  • Children have multiple opportunities to learn, practice, consolidate and generalise their skills in the key learning areas of Literacy and Numeracy.

Our staff members bring fundamental, personal qualities to our school environment: care, empathy, respect, warmth and a passion for learning.

  • Our school is committed to providing ongoing professional development for staff.
  • Our educators reflect on their practice.
  • Our educators listen, question and respond to children.
  • Our educators are involved in a cycle of continuous planning i.e. observing, recording, documenting and evaluating children’s learning.

We foster partnerships with our community to ensure a well-rounded educational program for every child, and encourage and welcome input from all stakeholders, including parents/carers, therapists and other external agencies when developing individual education plans.

  • Relationships at Koorana are based on mutual respect.
  • Our school community has empathy and is responsive to family needs, providing care, support, referrals and information as required.
  • We have a solid appreciation of the landscape and Indigenous heritage of Koorana.